Going Above & Beyond


Angel Wing Entertainment is the place for top quality entertainment when planning your next event including:

Top 40/Rock/Country band to play at your next corporate function.

Acoustic singer to play during your staff lunch.

Host or keynote speaker to spice up your charity event.
A celebrity for your Birthday party.

We can help you find the perfect entertainment to make your event a huge success. 
We also help create full productions including stage and lighting.

Let us know how we can help!  Contact us for more details.


Keynote Speakers

Event Hosts

  1. Blind River - Country Artist

  2. Tara Oram - Country Artist

  1. Sam Cook

  2. Jessie Sulidis

  1. Taylor Robertson - Pro Athlete

  2. Alan Cross


From Hamilton, ON

  1. * Latest single “Fool Around” - just released to radio
    *  Recently featured on KX94.7FM and      INDI 101.5FM
    *  Debut single “Ready, Set, Summer” was the 13th overall played song at Canadian Country Radio by a Canadian group between May and December 2011!


AWE Featured Entertainer of the Month

PAST Featured Entertainers

  1. Al Skop - Voiceovers

  2. Taylor Robertson - Guest Speaker

  3. Trish Ribeiro - Host (Portuguese)

  4. Sarah Strype - Voiceovers

  5. Monica Lapajne - Voiceovers

  6. Jay Riehl - Musician

  7. Jaie Tufford - Producer

  8. Amanda Logan - Host